JigoCloud is the newest inventory management system on the market. It offers the same functionality what you expect to see in any inventory management software but it is presented in a very easy-to-use UI. It makes adding products and performing your day-to-day operations and lot simpler and a lot quicker.

It's not just your run of the mill inventory software either - it offers quiet the range of CRM functionality. One impressive feature is the ability to send out emails to clients and have that email tracked - so I can see if the email was delivered and even opened by the client. If the client replies, that email is not only delivered to my inbox but the reply is also saved in the app itself under the corresponding customer record. If the email was regarding a purchase order or sales order, that email is located under this record as well. It saves a hell of a lot of time rummaging through your emails when trying to find out details regarding an order that was made.

One other interesting feature is B2B lead generation tool which allows you to sign up for a Google API key, enter a keyword and a geographical location, and the app will search within a 5 mile radius all businesses in that area that match your keyword. This has to be used ethical of course but it's a great start to networking local businesses.

Some other ERP like features are the ability to add and report on expenses, commissions and referral schemes and task management (to-do list).

JigoCloud is still fairly new, some of the key sales channels integrations are not available yet but its reasonable priced and we think it has a bright future in.